Subject types

Subject Types define the subjects that you collect information on. Eg: Individual, Tractor, Water source, Classroom session. Service Providers in an organisation could be

  • taking action "Against" or "For" beneficiaries, citizens, patients, students, children, etc.
  • collecting data for non-living objects like Water-body, School, Health Centre, etc.

Different types of Subject in Avni

Avni allows for creating multiple Subject Types, each of which can be of any one of the following kind:

  • Group - Used for representing an entity which constitutes a group of another subject type. Ex: A group of Interns enrolled for a specific Program for the Year 2023
  • Household - Special kind of Group, which usually refers to a Household of beneficiaries living in a single postal address location. Ex: A household consisting of a family of Father, Mother and children. Additionally, has a feature to assign one of the members as Head of the Household.
  • Individual - Generic type of Subject to represent a Place, Person, Thing, Action. etc.. Ex: School, Student, Pocelain Machine, Distribution of Materials, etc.
  • Person - Special kind of Individual, to specifically indicate a Human Being. Additionally has in-built capability to save First and Last Names, Gender and Date of Birth.
  • User - A type of Subject used to provide self-refer to the Service Providers in Avni. Read more about User Subject Types

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