About Audit Information

In Avni mobile app the user can see certain audit information. The app displays:

  1. Created by user for subjects and program enrolments.
  2. Filled by user for program encounters and general encounters. This is the user who filled the form. For scheduled encounters - this is the person who filled the form and not the person who was instrumental in scheduling the encounter.
  3. Where ever the audit information is not available (see below), no audit information will be shown. In other words if the audit information is not shown then it will be due to the following.

When is the audit information not shown.

  1. The records have to be download synced to server to be able to view these information. Note that automatic background sync the download sync happens only once a day. Manual sync does both upload and download sync - so this information will be visible after manual sync.
  2. Since this feature has been introduced only now, release 7.0, all audit information are not available for older records and it will start showing up only for the newer records.