Masked Calls

When a contact number is configured in an implementation (through concept attributes), then the user gets a "Call" button on the subject's dashboard. It is used to open the dialler and make a call to the beneficiary.

With the call masking feature, an implementation can choose to convert this call button into a masked call. There is a user settings toggle to turn this on or off. Under the wraps, Avni can use the Exotel Masked Call feature to make this happen.

To use this feature, a user needs to purchase an Exophone and configure this in Avni. Configuration is currently done by adding a row to the external_api table.

User flow

  • User goes to a subject's dashboard.
  • User clicks on the call button
  • If call masking is enabled for this user, then the call button makes a call to the server to connect their phone to the beneficiary's number. The user and the beneficiary will get a call from Exotel through which they can talk.
  • The user gets a message that the call request was made successfully, and to wait for a call back.
  • If call masking is not enabled for this user, then the call button makes a direct call through the dialler.