Comment workflow

This is an issue resolution mechanism provided by Avni which helps to fix the mistakes in the record. Comment workflow helps to pinpoint the exact subject for which data correction is required. This saves a lot of time the user spends searching for that subject.

Enabling comment workflow

Comment workflow can be enabled from the admin app. Simply go to organisation details and switch on "enable comments" option.


Enable comments option in the admin app

Once this feature is enabled users will start seeing the comment icon on the subject dashboard. They can click on the icon to open all the comment threads of the subject. They can perform the following operations on the comment screen.

  • Open a comment thread and read all the comments on that thread.
  • Reply to a comment thread.
  • Mark a comment thread as resolved, if the issue is resolved.
  • Open a new comment thread by pressing add icon.

Comment screen showing one open thread. Users can see all the comments in a thread by clicking on that thread.

Useful tips

  • When comment workflow is enabled, ensure that a standard report card of type "comments" is added to the dashboard. This will help users to see only the comments threads which are open and they need to work on.