Install Avni

This section explains how to install Avni on local machine, test environment or for Production environment.

Avni is required to be set up for various purposes - full-stack product developer, front end developer, testers and production users. Avni can be set up on - mac, windows, ubuntu and centos. Overtime Avni will incrementally provide setup documentation for all these combinations, but currently, the following documentation is available, based on most frequent need seen by us.

Deployment Diagram


Avni technical components

Avni is composed of multiple components connected to each other. Following are a few important points about the deployment diagram.

  • Any data analytics solution can be used with Avni, by connecting directly with the database. We have used Metabase and Jasper Reports so far.
  • Avni currently uses AWS Cognito service where the users are stored. The management of users happens via the Avni Web Application.
  • Avni is developed using ReactNative hence easily portable to iOS app, but currently there is no iOS build generated.
  • AWS S3 is required only if you are capturing photos and videos from the field-app or data entry web-app. Avni will work, without errors, if you do not use them.

Local Development Environment Setup (for Avni Product)

Environment setup for product development - Ubuntu
Environment setup for front end product development - Ubuntu

Production/Test Environment Setup

Test and production environment setup - CentOS

Build information

Build numbers