Application Menu items

The customizable "Application menu" feature helps you add a new menu item that will show up on the "More" option of the Android app.

This new menu item can either be an http link, or a whatsapp number. Popular apps that can be used with this linking scheme are available here


  • To open Whatsapp for a number, you would use a url like "whatsapp://send?text=hello&phone=xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  • To open a link on youtube, you would use this - youtube://watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  • To open the Avniproject website on the browser, you would use


In order to set this up, add a row to the menu_item table.

INSERT INTO public.menu_item (organisation_id, uuid, is_voided, version, created_by_id, last_modified_by_id,
                              created_date_time, last_modified_date_time, display_key, type, menu_group, icon,
VALUES (156, uuid_generate_v4(), false, 0, 1, 1, '2022-08-25 11:05:57.791 +00:00',
        now(), 'Support', 'Link', 'Support', 'whatsapp',
        '() => "whatsapp://send?phone=+919292929292"');

The link_function is a function that can create a dynamic url. See here for more information on how these functions can be written.