Reporting issues

How to report a new issue

All work in Avni happens through Github issues, so if you discover a problem in Avni, please add an issue in the relevant repository.

Points to note when raising issues

  1. If you know the repository the bug needs to be raised, please raise in that repository. Here is a list of repositories and the link to the issues section
  1. If the issue affects an end-user of the application, mark the label "user-reported".
  2. If you believe the issue is a bug, then add the label "bug"
  3. When reporting a product issue, try to help the developer understand how the issue can be replicated with minimum effort. For example, create a new organisation where you can isolate the issue to its bare minimum. Alternatively, provide steps to reproduce the issue in a clear manner. This helps save a lot of developer time, and cuts down the number of communication hops to understand the issue.

Once issues are reported, they get triaged and assigned a release. The list of releases and their expected go-live dates are available on the Roadmap. The [Avni Development Process](Avni Development Process)provides a peek into how issues get sorted and move through to be fixed in the product.