Integration process

In a given integration between one Avni implementation and another system, there may be several entity types that need to be processed in one or both directions. One reasonable and commonly followed way, so far in avni integrations, is to integrate by entity types. It may be also reasonable to integrate in one direction and then in another direction (they can be done in parallel also, but the errors may become difficult to reason and resolve). That is, first integrate all subjects, then encounters, and so on. Similarly, there may be entity types in the other integrating system as well.

These entities of each entity type may have a dependency on another entity type's entities. For example: in Avni an encounter is dependent on a subject being there first. Hence in any integration where subject, as well as encounters, are to be created in avni-based entities in the integrating system - this dependency becomes important to recognize. Due to this dependency if subject creation has failed then there is rarely any point in trying to create encounters. Hence the integration of one such cluster of entities can be called an integration process within an integration. This concept of the integration process is referred to in Error handling.