Release Naming and Branching

Starting June 2023, Avni is going to follow the following release naming strategy. The release has three parts - the major version, minor version and the patch fix version. Note that this is not semantic versioning.

  1. A major release happens every 4-6 weeks. The major version is bumped up during this time. eg: 4.0.0
  2. There might be a minor release between two major releases that consists of planned work that might need to be released sooner. This goes in a minor release. eg: 4.1.0
  3. Urgent patches go in a patch fix release. eg: 4.0.1


Every branch comes out of the previous parent (4.1.0 comes out of 4.0.0, 4.0.1 comes out of 4.0.0).

Branches are merged to their parents, which eventually go up till the mainline.