Choosing android device for Avni

We are listing down some criteria which could help you in deciding which device to choose. The price range kept in this analysis is between 5000 to 10000 rupees.

OS Version - While Avni will work on version >= 4.1, but if you are purchasing a new device then it is better to go for a more recent version. Realistically though setting the bar too high will reduce your options. Hence we recommend version >= 5.

RAM - >= 1 GB

SD Card - Avni in future may allow for keeping an additional backup of the data on the SD card. This is to protect against corruption of main data on internal storage which is not completely synced up with the server. Hence we recommend choosing a device which has support for extensibility of storage.

Screen Size - For users who will use the application quite often, we recommend 7 inch is ideal, also considering the ability to carry it. You can, of course, go for higher or lower based on your preference.

Camera - Currently Avni doesn't any feature that uses the camera or image upload ability. But in future, it may. Hence a minimum of a 2MP camera will be handy. Higher is also fine, but keep in mind that, the higher resolution requires more network bandwidth to upload. The storage of device will also need to support, hence you will need to do some back of envelope calculations for it.

Network Support - Avni just needs a network connection. It could even work on 2G connectivity, but again, given that you are buying a new device go for devices which can work with 4G networks.

Battery Life - Once you have multiple devices that you can compare, look for their mAh rating. Higher is better.

Last but not the least - price is important. There are some options available below 10,000 rupees (160 $) that may work for you. We have found two tablets that match all criteria and is available in India.

  • Micromax Canvas Tab P701
  • Micromax Canvas Tablet P802

This is where we compared different devices below 10,000 rupees..